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Ntsiki Mazwai fires Black Coffee for swearing at Prince Kaybee with this curse word

We guess a lot of people didn’t see this one coming, the fight of words on Twitter between our favourite local DJs. If you thought the beef was for rappers only the current twar with House DJs will leave you in shock.

It seems it started off as a battle of who knows better between Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee. The twar escalated ending up with Black Coffee labeling Prince Kaybee as a “house n*gger”.

Although Black Coffee later deleted the tweet, Prince Kaybee admitted that the name-calling hurt him, warning fans to be careful of their heroes as they always tend to disappoint.

On Friday, Ntsiki Mazwai jumped in to weigh in on the name calling and it seems she’s on Prince Kaybee’s side on this one.

“But the irony of #blackcoffee calling others house niggers when his entire career was parachuted by white management…….awkward. Even Euphonik forgets he comes from 5fm equivalent to a DA black. Watching their ignorance on display was embarrassing to say the least,” Ntsiki tweeted.

She went on to name celebs she believes are products of “white monopoly”. “Black Coffee, Bonang, Cyril Ramaphosa, Somizi and many other are black excellence created by white monopoly……,” she added.


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Khanyi Mbau

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