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Appeals for help in flood-stricken Northern Cape

Over 10,000 people are pleading for help after severe flooding in the Northern Cape.

The humanitarian organization Gift of the Givers has heard their cries.

However, founder Imtiaz Sooliman says reaching the victims by road is near impossible.

He’s appealing for helicopters and 4×4 vehicles.

“We need helicopters, it’s very expensive yes, but we are talking about human life,” he said.

“You’re not talking about something very ordinary. Those kids are without food, they are without water, people are stressed, they are anxious, and we have to do everything to get possible to take in as much aid as possible, as fast as possible.

Helicopters are the most expensive way but it is the fastest way and whilst you’re doing that in parallel.

“So 4x4s, those who can assist, private companies, mining companies, there are huge mining companies in the Northern Cape. All the mining companies to come forward with their own helicopters, with funds, with support.”

Source: eNCA

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