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Fitness goals you should add to your bucket list

Fitness Goals

Creating a bucket list of things you want to do before you die won’t do much good if you’re not healthy enough to follow through—so before you make good on your plans to run with the bulls or swim with the dolphins, why not make a separate bucket list of ? (Consider these bucket list-worthy adventure travel destinations or scenic half-marathons the best of both worlds.

Each of the following fitness goals examples are challenges that target a different aspect of fitness, from endurance to flexibility and strength. Once you’ve mastered one, strive to go to the next level by adding intensity, time, or reps. For example, once you finish a 10K, try training for a half-marathon. Read on for fitness goal ideas for women and expert tips on the why and how.

Fitness goals

Keep in mind that all good workout goals are realistic. Mastering the ability to perform 25 pushups is a very reasonable and reachable goal for most women, says Timothy L. Miller, M.D., assistant professor at the Ohio State University Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Benefits include upper-body strength in the chest (pectorals), shoulder girdle (scapular stabilizers), and arms (triceps). (Related: How to Do a Push-Up Correctly)

Pushups require no equipment and can be varied in many ways to train different muscle groups (i.e. a closer grip targets triceps), says Miller. “Aesthetically, pushups develop the pectoralis muscles of the chest, which help to prevent breast sagging as women age.

Start with modified pushups, resting on your knees as opposed to on the toes. Keep your back straight, abdominals tensed, and hips and butt down. Your chest should completely touch the floor without allowing your midsection to drop onto the floor. Gradually increase the number of reps as you build strength until you can hoist yourself up on your toes in traditional pushup form. (Or try this 30-day push-up challenge, which will coach you through it.

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