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Fitness Bunnie Sbahle Mpisane reveals new details of horror crash


Sbahle Mpisane has shared new details about the serious injuries she sustained in a car accident last year.

The fitness guru spent four months in hospital after her car overturned and burst into flames in Durban on Women’s Day last year, and Sbahle was back in hospital last week to undergo more surgery.

Her mother, Shauwn Mpisane, and former first lady, Tobeka Mandela-Zuma, were by her side when she was admitted.


They surprised her with an inspiring performance by singer, Thina Zungu.


Sbahle took to Instagram on Wednesday, to share a picture of herself, in a pink gown, from her hospital bed
She captioned the “Women Crush Wednesday” post with information about her previous hospital stay that she had not made public before.


“It might seem a bit vain, but I am my own #WCW this week. After 3 weeks of being in a coma, waking up to a body with almost 80% of its bones broken, God protected my spine. With no memory, not just of my accident, but the last two years being blurry. In total I spent 4 months in hospital (sic),” she wrote.

The 25-year-old added that her road to recovery was not easy
“Today I walked out of a weeklong stay in hospital hopeful and filled with faith. The road has been lonely, but I am forever thankful for the love of my family and your continual support & prayers (sic).”

Sbahle says she has “come to embrace the tough and pain filled days”.

Sbahle Mpisane


“I have learnt to make a map of them, by sitting & growing with them. I view the accident as a human experience I needed to become more than a daughter of my parents, a girlfriend to… and even more than #FitnessBunnie. Rediscovering myself is such a humbling journey. I am learning to celebrate myself without awaiting anyone to do so. My slow walk towards my happy ending is not about anyone and has NO Prince Charming. With God by my side, I am becoming my own completion on a path searching for my purpose that He spared my life for. It’s a long road ahead… #resurgence.”

The Fitness Bunnie has slowly started returning to her workout routine
She is not letting her injuries stop her from living her best life



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