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Parliament says it’s on track to start removing rubble from fire-damaged buildings

Parliament says it’s on track to start removing the rubble from its fire-destroyed buildings.

The rebuilding team was on Friday interrogated by MPs from both houses of Parliament, on the plans to begin the R2 billion project.

Parliament says it’s now done a full audit of assets that will have to be written-off as a result of damage sustained in the January 2022 fire.

Parliament has appointed the Development Bank of South Africa for the mammoth project of rebuilding the fire-destroyed buildings.

Parliament’s newly-appointed project manager, Simon Mashego, says rubble removal will start next month.

“Work has been done in terms of planning. Engineering specifications have been put together. Work will start on the 9th of June and completed on the 30th of June.”

But he’s warning that heritage approvals could impact the pace of the work.

“The entire Parliament precinct is graded as grade 1, and by extension, everything in the Parliament precinct falls under heritage regulations.”

MPs have also expressed concern about which contractors will be appointed for the work.

Parliament expects the restoration to be concluded by September 2025.


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