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Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and President Ramaphosa mocked for their cheap shoes

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and President Ramaphosa mocked for their cheap shoes! Finance minister Tito Mboweni has clapped back at trolls for laughing at his shoes.

Earlier this week, Mboweni’s “worn-out” shoes were teased again on social media, after his viral video doing the Jerusalema challenge with his sons.

Responding to criticism, Mboweni posted a picture of the pair that, according to Europa Art, range between R1,000 to R3,000.

He then posted a picture of the pair with the caption: “These shoes are Clarks Ok. They are comfortable for old people! Laugh at them for the last time!”

Mboweni also asked Twitter users why they always laugh at his shoes and not President Cyril Ramaphosa’s, because they are the same.

“Why my shoes always? Why not his? See!,” said Mboweni

“Because he is the president, you don’t comment about the same type of shoes as mine. Actually, mine are better, it’s class.”

That’s not all. The minister is often mocked for his cooking skills. Without fail, he always makes sure he shares recipes with his followers whenever he plays with the pots in the kitchen.

Some even said he is the Rasta of cooking while others took the trolls head-on.

“It’s a sad day when people are laughing at Tito Mboweni because he’s living within his means/frugally, instead of the usual conspicuous consumption. We’re going to have another generation relying on the children for support in a few decades,” tweeted Rayner.

Mboweni seems not to mind though.

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