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Drama as 21-year-old twin brothers fight over girlfriend; one wants to marry another one’s ex

Sibling rivalry can cause jealousy, competition, and fighting between brothers and sisters.

In this case, a twin brother set tongues wagging when he refused to be his twin brother’s best man.

This is because the man’s identical sibling was marrying his ex.

The 21-year-old man said he had dated the girl five years earlier when they were both 16, and they stayed together for two years.

But when the time came for them to go to university, the pair decided to split.

According to the Mirror, when the man came home from university he discovered that his identical twin had a girlfriend, but was shocked to discover it was the same girl he had dated.

Then his shock turned to horror as the pair got engaged, and the brother asked his twin to be his best man and he refused.

The twin said he was angry with his brother, but together they salvaged their relationship by agreeing that the three would never mingle together.

“I was p****d and my brother understood but made it clear he had no intention of breaking up with her,” the brother posted on social media.

-daily sun

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