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Fear grips Riverlea as gang violence soars after killing near school

The community of Riverlea is living in fear over spiking gang violence in the area. This comes after a suspected gang member was shot and killed outside a nearby primary school. Gang violence has left the communities of Riverlea, Westbury and Eldorado Park paralysed with fear and little hope of and end to the horror.

Police Minister Bheki Cele met with Riverlea residents in August over the ongoing illegal mining turf wars and the gang violence that’s spilling over from Westbury and Eldorado Park.Over the past three months alone, more than 30 police officers have tragically lost their lives while on duty, succumbing to gunfire.

This announcement by the Police Minister came during his address at the funeral of a dedicated officer from the anti-gang police unit, who was fatally shot by a known gang member in Westbury. Dalmain Morris, while in the process of recording a witness statement, was brutally gunned down.

Just last month, seven police officers were targeted and attacked by criminal gangs, resulting in the tragic deaths of two officers Cele has called on police to take proactive measures to protect themselves and their communities.

“I Don’t want you to know them. I want you to touch them. These guys must be found at whatever fall. If they come on feet, let them if they come on their backs them but they must be found. I do want it this new approach of the police have not given the gap between prime and time. We must act on them as just know that if you do this will respond and will respond decisively and marsh creek in whatever form but we must know that the people who are hunting and don’t want to come here and try again. my tears dry now. I don’t wanna cry again. Police are investigating the incident in Riverlea.

Source: eNCA

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