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I Don’t Wanna Be Famous Anymore: AKA


On Wednesday afternoon rapper AKA announced that his latest studio album, Touch My Blood, went double platinum, something he knows he should be happy about. Instead, he said he didn’t care one bit and took to Twitter to rant about it. The rapper explained that he wished he could “unmeet” certain people in his life and that he was actually over being famous, because it apparently “sucks”.


“Anyways. TMB is now double platinum, officially. Whoopedy f*****’ doo. To be honest, I don’t even f*****’ care anymore,” AKA said.

He went on to write several tweets about how he didn’t want to seem ungrateful to the people who continued to support him.
The man shared the news on Twitter followed by a rant where he revealed that he doesn’t want to be famous anymore.


The rapper has been vocal about his dislike of the music industry and celeb lifestyle in the past. He also hinted that he wished he could unmet certain people in his life.
However, he now reckons there’s more to life than making hit records and from what fans could gather, the rapper may be going through something he’s yet to disclose.


“Professionally I’m killing it … personally, I have no f****** idea what I’m doing.

“Surely there has to be more to life than making hot records,” AKA said.

Okay … well anyway, well done to him and the megacy. Double platinum is kind of a big deal!


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