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Joburg Mayor denies responding to EOH executive’s emails

Geoff Makhubo

Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo said that it was not embarrassing that EOH business development executive, Patrick Makhubedu, sent him emails, including one with a letter drafted by Makhubedu appointing his company to do work for the city.

Makhubo did not deny that he received the emails but he said that he did not recall and even if he did, he had no power to act, so he probably ignored them.

He earlier admitted that Makhubedu was his business partner and close friend and that Makhubedu’s company made payments to the mayor’s Molelwane consultancy firm, often to assist with cash flow and the money would pay salaries and insurance.

The commission said that Makhubo, as African National Congress (ANC) Greater Johannesburg treasurer at the time, sent countless requests for funding to EOH and the donations coincided with contracts for that company, while EOH recorded their donations to the ANC as cost of sales.

But Makhubo claimed that he didn’t make anything of Makhubedu’s emails despite the evidence leader highlighting the same emails being sent repeatedly.

“Mr Makhubo, I find that very implausible that someone would send… not the same email three times but three successive, increasing emails – the first one is the proposal, the second one is the invoice, the third one is the letter of award. Your version is that you didn’t respond to any of them?” evidence leader Advocate Matthew Chaskalson asked.

“To my recollection, not at all,” Makhubo answered.


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