Polygamous man cries for help after catching his 2 wives enjoying each other without him

A polygamous man has taken to social media expressing his shock after finding out that his two wives, who hated each other at first, have now fallen deeply in love with each other.

He claims that he came across some videos and flirtatious messages.

The story was shared by OMG Voice Kenya;

I just found out my two wives are lovers. They are lesbians. They used to be enemies but I was shocked they became best of friends. I work with an NGO and I travel a lot. Anytime I travel outside the country, my first wife invites my second wife for a sleepover and she stays there till I come back. The kind of messages, pictures, and s** videos that they are sharing. My women are in love. Are they trying to kick me out? Am a worried man.”

Polygamous man catches his 2 wives enjoying themselves without him

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