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Watch: Black Coffee opens up on Enhle Mbali’s unappreciative reaction after he bought her a fancy car

Popular Mzansi star, a Grammy award-winning producer and DJ, Black Coffee has been labelled a narcissist after sharing how disappointed he was when his estranged wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa was less than enthusiastic when he bought her a car during their marriage.

In an interview with Thabo “T-Bose” Mokwele on Kaya FM, the DJ (real name Nkosinathi Maphumulo) explained that during his marriage to the actress, he had bought her a fancy car, hoping she’d love it and show the utmost appreciation, but she didn’t.

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali

“One day I bought my ex a very fancy car and the response wasn’t what I expected. She wasn’t as excited as I expected. And, for me, especially at the time, it was a super fancy car and I expected her to even cry. She was like ‘oh, it’s nice. Thank you,’” he said.

“And it sat with me for a long time, as someone who was not appreciating.”

Asked what he learnt from that, Black Coffee said: “Sometimes we are ahead. There are things we wish for people, there are things they wish for themselves. And we make the mistake of imposing our wishes on them.”


Before this point, Black Coffee had explained that he had modelled marriage his own way and without discussing it or involving his partner.

“Because of my upbringing and my parents failing in marriage, and me not being raised by both of them, I created my own world where I’m like ‘you know when I get a chance to do this thing, I’m going to do it this way’.

“[I did that] so much that you want to lead in everything. You wanna cover everything. You want to be the driver of this thing, so much that you forget that there’s someone next to you who holds the map… you’re a driver, there’s a navigator, and both of you are important.

“So, every time I would make a move that was big for us, and it wasn’t received like that [with appreciation] a part of me was dying. Because I was like”‘trust me, I know how this thing is going to work. Trust ME. Let me take this thing forward’.”

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali

The ex-couple has been at loggerheads since reports about their split in 2019. Allegations of infidelity and abuse were at the core of their separation as the DJ and fathered two children with other women while the couple was married.

In March 2021, Enhle applied for a protection order against her ex, accusing the DJ of abusing her at her birthday party in their matrimonial home.

The two ex-lovers have also taken to social media to take jabs at each other, including the time when the We Dance Again DJ went off at his ex-wife about paying R65 000 maintenance and giving her a car after their split.

Following Black Coffee’s interview on Kaya FM, especially the part about the fancy car, X users claimed he thought he could “bribe” Enhle after cheating on her.

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