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Is Emtee About To Lose Everything?

Being in the limelight is not new for this musical legend, however, more often than not Emtee has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. That has not deterred him from riching from the stars as he keeps giving out good music.

The question still remains, if drama follows Emtee or he’s the one that follows it. From his drug problem to him claiming that his wife was abusing him, it seems he can’t catch a break. Is it his fault?

So, let’s take a look at what the rapper’s been up to.

It seems that Emtee has been paying the price for leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment and trying to make it independently. At the same time, claims have been made accusing the record label of being out to get the artist. However, one has to wonder if they had the power to cause legal trouble for the rapper.

The news on the vine is that the rapper who had bought his ride in February 2018 started defaulting on his payments just three months after buying it. It further says that to date, Emtee had missed 20 payments, which caused the matter to be taken to court, where the financial services company FFS Finance SA was set to send out the order for repossessing the vehicle.

So what happened?

Nota Baloyi is well known for always speaking his mind. And unfortunately, his sharp tongue has been the bane for many from the entertainment industry. In a Podcast and Chill episode by Mac G, the record label owner spoke about his beef with Black coffee and AKA’s state of mind.

At the same time, he also touched upon Emtee’s drug abuse and stated that the industry needs him to be sober because everyone knows what happens when he isn’t.

In a surprising turn of events, Emtee found that his Instagram account was being suspended claiming that he violated their copywriter laws. The rapper promptly took to Twitter to protest this suspension while also laying the blame at the heads of the rapper’s former employers, “Ambitiouz records”.

While many of the past signees with Ambitiouz Records have made similar claims, Emtee made the most noise about it. He further stated that he had two kids for whom he had to set good examples and thus would need to stand up for himself or have to answer their questions later in life.

We are trying to figure out whether Emtee follows drama or the drama follows him, but whatever the case, the SAFTAs was testament that wherever Emtee is, drama is soon to follow.

Emtee was supposed to be part of a duet with Ami Faku. The duo was supposed to perform their hit collaboration Lala Ngoxolo.


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