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Eight-year-old boy fights off mountain lion with his bare hands

Eight-year-old boy

An eight-year-old boy sustained serious head injuries after he bravely fought off a mountain lion with his bare hands. Pike Carlson was bitten on the head by the beast right outside his own home in Bailey in Colorado, US.

But in an effort to survive, he tried to poke the lion in the eye with a stick and reigned down punches on the animal. Pike, who has had to have two surgeries on his face after the attack, said: “I was just punching, trying to grab anything that I can, like a stick. I did find a stick and I tried to get it in the eye but soon the stick snapped.

Eight-year-old boy

The attack happened on August 21 minutes after Pike left home to talk to a neighbour.
The child’s stunned dad Ron saw the showdown and dashed out of the home with a knife to scare the creature away. Ron Carlson told TV station KUSA: “His head was inside the lion’s mouth and I think that was what made me snap, watching him chew on him. Local media says Pike was attacked by a one-year-old male mountain lion.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, part of the local authority, said: “The boy was attacked at 7:30 pm Wednesday, sustaining serious injuries. The following day, while CPW wildlife officers and USDA Wildlife Services officials were already in the immediate area searching for the mountain lion responsible for the attack, two lions had killed and started feeding upon a domestic goat.

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