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Eff vs Eff: The land grabbing issue intensifies

Eff vs Eff: The land grabbing issue intensifies. EFF members are known for grabbing land, but not from each other. Enoch told Daily Sun he bought the land 10 years ago but Nancy was trying to steal it.

However, members Nancy Thwala and Enoch Nhlazane almost traded blows over a small piece of land in extension 13, Lenasia, south of Joburg, on Friday.

EFF members

He said he paid R20 000 and showed the SunTeam his title deed. Nancy said the land belonged to her but she didn’t have any papers to back her claim.

She said she had left the documents at home. Enoch said he believed a senior EFF member fraudulently sold the land to Nancy.

“I have been to the party’s office to get help and even wrote to commander Julius Malema with no success,” said Enoch.

Local EFF leader Julia Nkwane said the stand belonged to Enoch“We will take the matter to our seniors and they will decide what must be done,” he said.

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