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Playing in Israel wasn’t a political move for me: Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee

Speaking in a recent interview with IOL, Black Coffee reflected on the show that caused a Twitter storm and led to outrage from BDS South Africa, who have imposed an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

SA DJ Black Coffee has once again opened up about his controversial gig in Israel earlier this year, claiming that the show was not meant to be political but helped with his global reach.

DJ Black Coffee

Black Coffee said it was the third time that he had played in the country, and was focused on how big it was for him to have such a reach in a different country.

“I think in my career, it was my third time playing there. The first two times were in a small club called The Block. This year was the first Black Coffee Show and it was in a park. We had 6,500 people – it was sold out. This is why when I came back, for me, it wasn’t anything political. It was big for me as an artist to have this reach in a different country.”

Black Coffee first responded to the outcry at the time, telling his haters where to get off.

His response was criticised by some who thought that he would have still been able to feed his family or further his brand without performing in the country.

He found support in his long-time rival AKA, who told YFM earlier this year that it was important to understand that Black Coffee was an international artist now and the coins may have been right.

He said, put in the same situation, he would also have looked after himself.

“At the end of the day, I have a real life that I need to live. I have dreams and aspirations. I have a daughter and a family. R3-million could change my whole circumstance. I am sorry, but in life, there are times when it is every man for himself, whatever your political stance.”

Source: Times Live