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What you must not do during Bathing time


If like me, you love your eggs boiled to perfection, just as your test!cles and 4-5 may feel good in hot water in the bath or shower, but be warned that experts say soaking them in hot water is a bad idea.

The test!cles are located in the scr0tal sac which hangs outside of the male’s body to ensure they are maintained at a temperature two-three degrees lower than body temperature. It’s also true that high temperatures affect spermiogenesis, the maturation of sperm.

The level of temperature and duration of exposure play a huge role as well. Also, hot water can damage the acid mantle of your skin. Toppled with the use of soap, this can reduce your ability to have an 0rgasm.

Experts also warn that hitting your 4-5 with hot water will hurt and can even cause blisters, making you prone to infection.

The moral of the story is to keep a good balance between hot and cold water, because you definitely don’t want to find yourself in hot water!

-Daily Sun

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