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Shock as women can 0rgasm during a work out

Exercising can be a very stimulating activity.

From working your entire anatomy to the pulsating sweat you endure from your session, working out literally takes a lot out of you.

Speaking of working out, according to recent research women can have an 0rgasm during their workout.

Researchers and fitness enthusiasts have known about coregasms for a long time.

The first authoritative study on exercise-induced 0rgasm was published in 2012 in The Journal of S.e.xual and Relationship Therapy.

Exercise-induced 0rgasms are a real thing, and about 10% of women have reported experiencing a coregasm at some point in their life.

Certain exercises are more likely to trigger them, particularly ones that stress abnormal muscles like hanging leg raises or pull-ups.

Doing cardio beforehand increases the odds of a coregasm.

In one case, a woman reported having consistent 0rgasms from doing pull-ups after her eighth or ninth rep.

So the next time she’s wet down there, it just might be more than her sweating from her workout.

-daily sun

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