Durban beachfront double murder victims identified

The two people whose bodies were found on a Durban beach have been identified.

Fathima Muhammad, (50), of Chatsworth and Kresen Chandiah, (24), were discovered by a passer-by who was collecting pieces of scrap paper and bottles.

Muhammad, a mother of three children, was last seen Monday on her way to Suncoast for lunch.

Chandiah’s family says that he worked as a tiler.


In other news – Mzansi’s biggest rappers bury the hatchet – AKA unblocks Shane Eagle on Twitter

It looks as if the ice is thawing between Shane Eagle and AKA after the two exchanged some much kinder words on social media.

Shane Eagle and AKA

We are still a few weeks away from the South African Day of Reconciliation – which takes place on the 16th of December every year – but two of Mzansi’s biggest rappers have decided that the time is right to reconcile their differences. AKA and Shane Eagle haven’t always seen eye to eye, but they put their differences behind them this week and if you believe the tweets, a pair of sneakers might have helped end the beef. continue reading

Source: eNCA