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Dumi Masilela’s last Rhythm City scene: Pictures and Video

Two months after being killed in a botched hijacking, actor Dumi Masilela made his final appearance on e.tv’s Rhythm City on Wednesday night.

Dumi Masilela

Fans had to wait until the last few minutes of the show to finally see Dumi, who played the role of Sfiso Ngema on screens. In the final scene of the episode, Dumi’s character walked into a studio to record the song Ungasabi, which he wrote for the series just before his death.

Dumi Masilela

The show’s producers revealed last month that Sfiso’s exit would mirror Dumi’s murder, which happened in August during an attempted hijacking. Although a reenactment of the hijacking would not be shown, it would be reported by one of the characters.

Dumi Masilela

Rhythm City  confirmed to our source that after Dumi’s last scene the show’s characters would have time to deal with Sfiso’s death before a special on-screen memorial service in his honour on October 18. The memorial will feature appearances by the actor’s mom Sabatha Magdeline and brother Thabani.

Reacting to Dumi’s final TV appearance, the star’s widow Simphiwe Ngema said the scene made the shock of his death final. She also referred to Dumi as her eternal crush.

There was also a flurry of emotional tributes and messages from Dumi’s friends and co-workers.

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