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Ladysmith drowning victim’s mom hopes to find his body

A mother of a 14-year-old who was swept away by the flooded Klip River, in Ladysmith, said the chances of her son being found alive are slim, but she still lived in hope.

The 14-year-old apparently drowned not far from his house on Friday where he and his friends were swimming.

The area has been hit by widespread flooding.

An emotional Thulile Ziqubu spoke about the events of her Sihle’s drowning, sharing what his friend told her.

“He started rising up from the corner where there is a bend in the river, so the kids started following him, running from the side where there is land on the river, trying to see where he is going.”

She said friends described the final moment where they last saw him saying his body was motionless.

“They say they watched him until he reached the waterfall, they said they watched him fall over. By the time he reached the waterfall, he was already quiet, he wasn’t fighting and he just showed no sign of life”.

The mother said her prayers were that the body would surface somewhere soon.


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