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Drake asks for alleged stalker’s restraining order request to be dropped

Drake has asked a judge to dismiss his alleged stalker’s bid to obtain a restraining order against him, insisting there is “no basis” for it.

The “God’s Plan” hitmaker – whose real name is Aubrey Graham – is the subject of an application from Mesha Collins, who filed for protection against the 35-year-old singer days after a court threw out her $4 billion lawsuits accusing the star of invasion of privacy.
The judge has denied a request for a temporary restraining order, but set a date for a hearing for the woman – who was arrested in 2017 after police found her locked inside a room in Drake’s Los Angeles home – to make her case to be given a permanent order.

Drake’s lawyer, Larry Stein, has insisted there is “no basis” for an order against the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker, and pointed out his famous client has just filed his own restraining order petition against Collins.

He wrote in documents obtained by RadarOnline.com: “There is simply no basis for an order against Graham, who stated under oath in the civil case that he does not know Collins, has never met her, has never communicated with her, was unaware of where she lives, and never mentioned her at all in any of his music, Instagram posts, or in connection with any products or services he has endorsed.
He said: “In April 2017, somebody broke into my Los Angeles home when I was not there. At the time of that incident, I was not told any details about the trespasser, including her name.

“I understand that [Collins] filed a lawsuit against me in August 2021. When this lawsuit was filed and served on me, I learned that Plaintiff is the same person who broke into my house in Los Angeles in April 2017.

Source: IOL

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