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Donald Trump defeats Nikki Haley in South Carolina primary

Former president and Republican candidate Donald Trump won the South Carolina Primary on Saturday, defeating Nikki Haley and continuing his winning streak as he marches towards a third presidential nomination and a rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden, Reuters reported.

Despite his several court cases and Haley’s status as a South Carolina native and two-term governor, the former president was heavily favoured to win the Southern state. According to Reuters, Trump was up 60.0% to 39.4%, out of the estimated 83% of the predicted vote cast.

“40% is not some tiny group,” Haley said, referring to her approximate vote share on Saturday. “There are huge numbers of voters in our Republican primaries who are saying they want an alternative.”

Trump has now won all five of the previous contests in Nevada, the US Virgin Islands, Iowa, New Hampshire, and now Haley’s home state, leaving his opponent with no clear route to the Republican nomination.

Shortly after the votes closed, Trump made his victory address in Columbia, the state capital.

He made no mention of Haley focusing entirely on November 5th’s election, which is now more likely than ever to have a Trump-Biden rematch.

“We’re going to look Joe Biden right in the eye, he’s destroying our country, and we’re going to say, ‘Get out, Joe, you’re fired,'” he told his supporters

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