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DJ Speedsta Quits Metro FM

TV and Radio personality DJ Speedsta has parted ways with Metro FM following a tenure of 4 years. Taking to his Instagram account to make the announcement, the DJ penned a lengthy statement reflecting on his journey since he joined the station.

He wrote how he landed the gig after just signing a new contract at YFM. He said at the time he was in Amsterdam when he got a call to join the station, “It was April 2017, I was on holiday in Amsterdam. Had just signed a new contract at YFM. I out of nowhere get a call saying “We want you at metro” at the time I just signed a new contract at Y. I said to Mr Soglo “what do you mean you want me at Metro” is this some kind of joke? He said no. We want you as soon as you get back. I took all my savings and bought myself out my YFM contract to go do my dream job,” he said.DJ Speedsta

He went on to highlight some of the sacrifices he made in life including missing out on family’s events and gigs to make sure that he was on air every Saturday night.

“Today is a sad one for me, But a interesting one. I sacrificed my Saturday nights, sacrificed my gigs, missed plenty weddings, plenty Saturday nights, Missed a lot of time with people who care for me. I told the lord last year there’s no way I’m doing that any longer and here we are.”

He further thanked the station for giving him the opportunity. “I want to take this opportunity to Thank everybody at Cfor believing in me and for all the moments. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. We did our thing, Me, Looty and Jawz. Absolute Hip Hop!! Was so sad to tell auntie Merissa that this was the last invoice we’re doing. When I was at Y we put people on, When I was at Metro we put more people on. I’m glad I could contribute to the culture. In all honesty, I’m tired!! I’m tired of a lot of things. A story for another day. We out, Thank you and goodbye Metro FM family,” he wrote.

DJ Speedsta used to co-host the show with LootLove who announced her departure from the station in 2020. Announcing her departure, she shared a series of pictures during her time on the radio station with Speedsta.

The caption took fans down memory lane, starting from the time she started and during her time with the station and all the accolades she acquired. She thanked Speedsta and revealed that she eagerly wanted to work with him should she go into radio, referring to them as ‘The A Team.’

“I remember exactly where I was when I heard we’d be teaming up, more blown away by the fact that I had mentioned to someone in passing, that if I had to team up with anyone when it came to radio, it would be you. You were at Y at the time, little did I know that God was listening and it would all unfold in less than a month,”

“We built something dope and we will both continue to do so. On and Upwards. Every end is a beginning & I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!” she wrote.

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