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DJ Sbu to host podcast festival

DJ Sbu‘s announcement of a podcast festival sounds like a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and showcase the diverse world of podcasting! Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the years, offering a platform for creators to share their stories, expertise, and passions with audiences around the world.

DJ Sbu

A festival dedicated to podcasts provides a unique space for creators, listeners, and industry professionals to come together, share ideas, and discover new content. It’s likely to be an exciting event, featuring live recordings, panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities for networking.

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu’s involvement will surely bring a lot of attention to the festival and highlight the growing influence of podcasts in the media landscape. We want it to be something big that brings the whole industry together and to build the community around podcasting, also incorporating different podcasters, especially the younger ones to give them an opportunity to interact with bigger podcasters. That’s why I came up with the idea,” he said.

“I’ll also be recording my own podcast episode there, giving talks at the festival, and DJing there.” He also spoke about his return to radio; he joined Radio 2000 a few months ago.

“Being part of Radio 2000 has been amazing and the team welcomed me warmly. I’m part of the fastest-growing radio station in the country, I’ve been getting positive feedback from listeners and from social media.

DJ Sbu

“I really missed radio. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve been off radio. Everything came from my radio success. No one gets a second chance like this. Sometimes God shows you who he really is, mainstream is different from internet”, said DJ Sbu. The businessman continued by speaking about the success of his podcast which now has 300 000 subscribers. The success of my podcast Hustlers Corner has been overwhelming.

“I had to start from scratch, from nothing. Mac G has shown us that you can crack a million subscribers and you can take this thing and go crazy with it. Seeing my podcast grow from zero subscribers to 300,000 has been amazing.”

“I also think the reason I got an opportunity to go on radio is that I didn’t sleep on myself, I never stopped sharpening my broadcasting skills. I was online on the internet building my podcast, and I also think that’s another reason the SABC called me back to its platform”, said DJ Sbu.

DJ Sbu has lots of vision and he is gradually achieving them; he hopes to release a book, drop an album, and also return to TV.

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