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DJ Cleo denies visiting Brickz at Krugersdorp correctional services facility

DJ Cleo breaks his silence after years of receiving backlash for supposedly visiting his friend who is behind bars, Brickz. During a Podcast and Chill with MacG, The DJ has denied ever willingly visiting Brickz in jail.

Back in 2019 when the photos of DJ Cleo and Brickz were circulating all over newspapers and social media. For a moment, DJ Cleo was the most hated celebrities as the public as well as fellow celebrities called him out for visiting Brickz. When asked by MacG if DJ Cleo ever regret visiting Brickz.

“Do you regret ever going to see him, like you said we live in a woke culture” said MacG Brickz didn’t mince his as he mentions that he never willingly went to prison to see Brickz. He added how the trip was organized for charity instead.

DJ Cleo and Brickz

“That’s the thing I didn’t go see him. I didn’t go see. That was one of charity initiative, It was a soccer thing organized by Fabian McCarthy, so we went to play soccer with the prisoners. Now, I didn’t organizer, I wasn’t part of the organizing team. I was invited as one of the players. So, It’s myself, Fabian McCarthy, Derrick Spenser, so where are we going, oh Krugersdorp Prison, okay” said DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo added how the famous photos that were making rounds on the newspapers and social media came about. Those were the same photos that landed him in hot soup as the public as well as some celebrities were gunning for DJ Cleo’s blood for visiting someone who was behind bar for rape.

DJ Cleo

So we get there we playing soccer with the prisoners, we even bring a camera guy, who took the same photos you saw. And then I got told ‘oh by the way’, you know the warders see me ‘hayi mann inja yakho ila’ who? oh Brickz’ And then they let him out like every other prison cause the prisoners were all sitting around the field. And then I saw him and then he came out and I greeted him and our camera guy came got those pictures, which he was there for, that was it. It wasn’t a visit by me to him. And still why would I regret visiting a brother” said DJ Cleo

Even DJ Cleo posted a series of photos of himself and Brickz during the very same charity soccer match that was organized by Fabian McCarthy at the prison where Brickz was serving time for being found guilty of raping his then 16-year-old niece.

“”I didn’t go see Brickz” On #PodcastAndChill DJ Cleo denies visiting Brickz at Krugersdorp correctional services facility in 2019 The fallen kwaito artist who is serving 15 yrs behind bars for raping a 17-year-old relative” wrote This Is Colbert

Source: Zalebs

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