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DJ Black Coffee is enjoying family time during the lockdown

With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases being reported worldwide, international DJ Black Coffee is grateful to be spending time at home with his family. Though he had to put his 2020 plans on hold in terms of his brand as a DJ, Coffee revealed that he was using this lockdown period to focus on the healing process after a rocky divorce from ex-wife Enhle Mbali, and on being a father to his children.

DJ Black coffee

During an Instagram LIVE Q & A with Scoop Makhathini on Soulistic Agency’s handle, Coffee explained how he was devastated by the Covid-19 outbreak as he had to put his tours and gigs on hold. He, however, was grateful for the abrupt break. Last year, I was going through a divorce and I had to wake up and go and not deal with me. I couldn’t sit down and look at what was my contribution to my loss.

It’s really a blessing to be home and realise what I went through last year, I know I am a winner and I’m using this time to work on me. With the year drawing closer to the halfway mark, Coffee explained that he’d usually be fairly busy during this time of the year, but due to the coronavirus he’s been at home self-isolating with his son.

DJ Black Coffee

“I am quarantining with my son. It is a blessing that I am spending time with him and now everything is real. Like, someone needs to wash the dishes, someone needs to look after the dog. We are not used to washing our cars and yesterday we had to do it. I had to teach him how to wash a car. I was like Mr Miyagi, telling my boy to wax on and off …”

The renowned DJ explained that he was spending time to be a dad to his son and how he loved seeing himself as a father, which he never gets to do with his demanding life as a DJ. With the outbreak and lockdown taking a toll on many artists, Coffee explained that he was in a space where he was for the people. “I’m at this point where I’m not a brand, I am for the people.

DJ Black Coffee

Seeing that many artists have to adjust to the new normal of not being able to live out their lives as per usual, Coffee expressed his gratitude for his journey as a DJ. I look at my journey as a DJ, I feel like I was so prepared and I know that everything that happened in my life happened for a reason. I have my children that I need to think of and put first. It’s been a journey to land on these things.

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