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Muvhango actor Dingaan Mokebe (James Motsamai) warns Mzansi women not to play hard to get – Video

Dingaan has some few words for the ladies who like playing hard to get, and also for men who are scared to ask!

Actor Dingaan Mokebe (ka Khumalo) has warned women not to play hard to get as they might live to regret it, and advised men not to be scared to shoot their shot.

The Muvhango actor dropped some words of wisdom and dating advice in a video he shared on Instagram where he posed a question about why men and women never go for who they want.

In the video dubbed as his DSK Diaries, Dingaan started asking men why they always had cold feet when it came to asking out their crush, and finding out later that their crush liked them too.

Dingaan Mokebe

“So, gents tell me, have you ever had a crush on a girl but you are so scared to talk to this girl because you’re thinking ‘if I tell this girl she might not speak to me ever again’, or have you ever had a crush on a girl and was scared to talk to her only to find out that she also had the crush for you?

“And then you only realize later on when she’s taken or when you’re taken and you talk to her and you tell her of the time you wanted her but was scared to tell her. And then she says to you: ‘Why didn’t you talk cause I also liked you too?’ Have you ever been in that situation?”

He switched the script and then asked women why they are never honest about their feelings for a man who wanted them, but rather “played hard to get”.

“Ladies, have you ever played hard to get knowing very well that you want this guy but you played hard to get? And then when he was no longer interested and was with somebody else, that’s when you wanted him but he was no longer available?

“Has something like that ever happened to you? I’m just thinking why do we have to complicate life like that? Why do you like playing hard to get?”

Dingaan Mokebe

He also made mention of women who held off doing on things because they were worried they might be perceived as an easy woman.

“Why do you care what he thinks of you. I mean, both of you are adults. Why do you play hard to get? Please, ladies, let me know, have you ever played hard to get and regretted it later?

“Maybe the guy you wanted is with somebody else and you see that he’s living a very nice like and you’re like, eish, that could’ve been my life right there.”

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