Home Celebrity News The internet is still shocked on Diddy dating his son’s ex-girlfriend

The internet is still shocked on Diddy dating his son’s ex-girlfriend


The internet is shook again after seeing snaps on social media of Diddy on vacay in Italy with the family of his son’s ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey. Tweeps were also tripping over Diddy having lunch with Lori, her step-father Steve, and mother Marjorie Harvey.

The ShadeRoom reported that Diddy is on holiday with his kids, as is Lori with her parents. A couple of weeks ago, Diddy and Lori were snapped taking a stroll down the streets of New York in matching outfits. That got tongues wagging and the pair once again hit the Twitter trends list on Monday after snaps of their dinner date went viral.


Are these two taking their relationship to the next level? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Meanwhile, this is what black Twitter had to say about the situation.

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Source: Timeslive


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