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Denise Zimba speaks on the ‘self-made billionaire’ Kylie Jenner drama

Forbes, who put her on their latest cover, estimates that Kylie’s empire is worth $800 million (worth R1,077,443,200,00). Denise Zimba has joined the worldwide choir of peeps confused by claims that Kylie Jenner is on the road to being the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Denise Zimba

The internet was M.E.S.S.Y over the claims that she was “self-made”, with even dictionary.com weighing in on Twitter to suggest that, uh, ‘no girl your privilege means you can’t be self-made.’

Kylie Jenner

While all of the fires were being lit online, Denise Zimba jumped in to ask some really important questions, like is 2018 for real? After seeing the petrol price, we hoped not, but Denise painted a picture of how deluded the world is when Kylie is seen as a “self-made billionaire”.

Kylie Jenner

“This world is one messy, fickle, deluded large space. People juggling the bullsh*t they chose to consume and living a life of materialistic fantasy. What the hell is going on?… I can’t keep up.”

She suggesting that if truth prevailed, Kylie would not be relevant. “Don’t you dare speak of truth because who is Kylie Jenner if we lived in truth?” she added.

Source: Times Live


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