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Families to receive remains of the eight killed in Denel explosion

Denel Munition plant explosion

Families of the eight workers who died at the Rheinmetall Denel Munition plant explosion will finally receive the remains of their loved ones.

“The next priority would be to release the remains for burial and as I said there are still a few processes that we still need to complete,” said forensic pathologist Johan Dempers.

Denel Munition plant explosion

“I did promise the families yesterday and intend to honour that promise, to be able to give them an answer today at some point as to when they can expect the remains to be released. But it will depend on talking to other agencies and also coordinating the events that will lead to that.”

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Dempers says the state the bodies were found in will remain private.

“We did our job we collected the remains for the respect of the families and for the memory of the deceased individuals. And that is something we will discuss personally with the families should they want to discuss it with us as we’ve offered them yesterday,” he said.


The explosives company has released the personal details of each of the deceased men.

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They were aged between 19 and 51 years.

Western Cape police have said that it will be a lengthy investigation.

Police, the labour department and an independent investigator are involved in the probe.

Source: New24

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