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Video: Uzalo’s Dawn Thandeka King arrested by fashion police over her torn jeans dressing

Fans questioned Uzalo’s Mangcobo’s dress code after her video in torn jeans went viral on social media and fans had a lot to say about her dressing. When it comes to dressing codes, many people either hit or miss. The sophistication in having a great quality sense comes with style.

Dawn Thandeka King, popularly known as Mancgobo in Uzalo is a stylish lady. The 43-year-old recently celebrated her birthday and spoiled by her loved ones including the crew at Uzalo. She shared videos and presents as close friends celebrated her life.

However, fashion police were quick to tear into her torn jeans which she wore on her special day. The bubbly actress was captured with a handful of presents on her special day. Dawn Thandeka King has previously had trouble with fashion police and often found herself on the worst dressed celeb list.

Watch the video:

Over the years, Mangcobo’s dressing has been questioned and many people have asked if she does have a stylist or she simply has a peculiar dress code that’s different from others. However, despite her dress code, one can not take away her amazing talent on screen, The mother of five is one of South Africa’s most talented actresses with a lot of accolades under her belt.

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