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Watch: Nadia Nakai and Cape Town nightclub boss spark dating rumours

Cape Town nightclub boss Joel Booysen has shut down speculation that he is dating Nadia Nakai. He has even insisted the girlfriend of his “friend,” AKA is more like a “sister” to him.

Last week, the rumour mill went into overdrive after a “fake” TikTok account in Booysen’s name posted a video of the duo together.

On Friday, Nadia is set to release a tribute track to the rapper, who was shot and killed almost a year ago.

Joel Booysen and Nadia Nakai

According to the Daily Voice, Joel Booysen set the record straight on his relationship with Nadia Nakai.

The father-of-two – who is the owner of clubs Sneaker Cartel and Jet Lounge – invited the rapper to perform at one of his venues late last year.

In a social media post on his private Instagram page, he said, “Me and Nadia are just friends. We were at my nightclub in town, and she hosted at my place that night.

Nadia Nakai
Nadia Nakai

“She took the video with no bad intentions, but people went and added their own story. Me and she are like brother and sister, nothing more. (sic)

@joelbooysen_ Family❤️ @nadianakai #nadianakai #joelbooysen ♬ one of the girls – a

He added: “She is very good in what she does… she is always a vibe when we hosting her.”

Joey Booysen – who last year survived two hits, reportedly linked to his alleged gangster father Jerome, claimed he was a friend of AKA.

He continued: “Me and AKA were friends. He was a great person. I am in a relationship. Me and Nadia are just friends.” (sic)

Joel added that the popular TikTok account was fake. He added: “I have never had any TikTok accounts in my life. This account is big, and plenty of people follow it, thinking that it’s me.

“I need people to know. We had it in the newspaper, but some still haven’t gotten the memo.”

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