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This must be Rasta – Fans react to sketch of Daniel Marven

Daniel Marven

Daniel Marven recently told peeps to hide their girlfriends after he got a new haircut. An aspiring artist responded to the post with a drawing of the influencer. The ensuing response was hilarious, even Daniel wasn’t sure what the hell was going on here.

Daniel Marven shared a snap of his new look on social media, telling Mzansi to hide their girlfriends.

Daniel Marven

But the real tea was spilt when an artist shared his sketch of the social media influencer, to hilarious results.

Marven reposted the ‘artwork’, which to be fair had been done in a short space of time, commenting:

No guys let’s respect one other.. Wtf is this

Briefly.co.za reported that Marven had recently revealed that he and his wife had suffered when he shared a snap showing off his love and their whip.

One thing is for sure though, Marven’s fans are almost as cheeky as he is! The response to the post had people sharing their own versions of failed portraits.

Some teased that the resemblance between the sketch had been ‘uncanny’, while others just enjoyed the moment.

Take a look at some of the reactions below:

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