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#50Magate Dancer Kikkybadass is the Goddess Of too Much Sauce

Kikky badass

#50Magate Dancer Kikkybadass is the Goddess Of too Much Sauce… This according to her Instagram and I have to say I totally agree after watching the new video from Enzo Ishall.

I feel like I’m King Kong name still going Ding dong 👅SWISH SWISH IM JUST GETTING MY CURRY ON. #HEAVYONIT#enfpproblems #kikkybadass #marikunevanogeza💰 #bestFemale2019#youthoughtyoullgetmyspot?#Whothefuckwaskiddingyou#enfpproblems

When Enzo Ishall dropped #50Magate and social media went crazy with the #50MagateChallenge, we thought no one will beat all those social media challenges… But Kikkybadass had other plans with her dance moves.

There’ll never be another one after me ,Cause the skill levels still a half of me😎 you can keep that fake love cause that trash is weak. #marikunevanogeza💰#hateisanemotionsoweak#FuckeithmeYouKnowIGotIt🤣😎👑 THE GODDESS OF TOO MUCH SAUCE>>>>>>>> #OlympianGoddessOfSauce#HazviitirweKutiVafare #MAMBOKADZI👑

Kikkybadass definitely owned the dance floor in the Enzo Ishall video and we thought we should share some of her pictures on here and celebrate her dance moves.

5.6 feet but these chicks look up to me.😎 #Usavenge#haunaZvislayeso#marikunevanogeza💰

We can’t get enough of the video vixen and we have the Enzo Ishall video on repeat. So before we share the amazing video, here is one more picture of the curvy dancer.

I’m who they wishin’ to be ,these hoes is on the Gram, Kikky pitchin’ the ki’👑

You gotta admit she has too much sauce with all that shaking and dancing!

In case you haven’t watched the hit video, watch it below:


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