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Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech needs to be deciphered, says Mzansi

President Cyril

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday addressed the nation after 19 days of silence.

Mzansi called on its leader to provide an update on the spread of the coronavirus and the country’s lockdown regulations.

And he did. Kinda.

Here’s what happened:

Level 3 – but not now

Ramaphosa said that most of the country would move to level 3 at the end of May. That’s around two and a half weeks to go.

Level 4 – but there will be changes

He said there would be changes to existing regulations around level 4. He made reference to the easing of rules around exercising. That’s it.

Level 3 for some, level 4 for others

The president said that while some areas would move to level 3, those “hot spots” with higher infection rates may remain at level 4.

So, what else do we know?

Er, that’s it for now. As per usual, more details will be released by ministers tomorrow.


And Mzansi had a lot to say obviously..


We obviously have those who were hoping he will talk about easing restrictions around the much loved beverage.

Then those of us, probably the majority, who could not make head or tail of what the president was saying.

Before and After the speech still…”So Dololo new info then”.