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Inside SA men’s cute baby shower, friends throw party for man expecting a child – Photos

It’s the men’s version of a baby shower, and the men who attend the parties bring packs of nappies.

Organizer Morris Mgweba from Cape Town told Daily Sun the idea came to him when his wife came back from a baby shower.

“They’d given the lady the baby clothes and other stuff and she was so happy,” he said.

SA men baby shower

“I thought it would be a good idea if men started doing something good for our friends who were going to have babies.”

He spoke to his friends and they liked the idea.

“We decided that nappies would be good because all we knew was that all babies needed nappies – and many of them,” he said.

SA men baby shower

“One of our friends was expecting a baby in 2018 and we did the party for him.”

He said when their friend Xolile Phillips was expecting, they were much better at organizing than the previous time.

Each of them bought a pack of nappies.

“We also had activities where men who already had babies taught the new father how to change the nappies. We had fun,” he said.

SA men baby shower

“Men must support one another. Nappies are expensive. If you buy some you’re really helping your friend.”

He said these types of gatherings also teach men to be responsible early in their kids’ lives.

-Daily Sun

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