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Curvy Queen Cindy Makhathini – It’s good to be 19

Cindy Makhathini Birthday

Curvy Queen Cindy Makhathini – It’s good to be 19. The beautiful Mzansi Socialite who just turned 19 years old was feeling thankful and she took to Instagram where she shared this heartfelt message.

Cindy Makhathini Birthday

Cindy Makhathini said: “Once again I would love to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has helped me set the tone for the year by not being gullible to adhere to false rumours from false sources, you guys have helped me run a successful life here online. I appreciated your unfailing attention to detail and interaction with my posts and attending projects that I am part of now and then. I honestly sometimes get worried that something would fall through the cracks, but you anticipated every contingency. Several people would try to drag me down but most of you comment on how well you think I am organized, this is something I do not take lightly.

Cindy Makhathini
It feels good to be 19 years old yazi..kuyavela ngalapho?🤣🙌🏽😘😅

I would also like to bring forward my gratitude to those who notice me in public and take their time to take pictures with me and to those little hellos I receive as well. 

I’m very fortunate to have you donate your time commenting on my things like. On behalf of my team, I express heartfelt thanks for all you of you and I promise the year upon us is going to one of the most interesting year in my life and I am well ready to reveal so much about my self, you will not just know the Cindy on Instagram but who I really am and I promise I will be more engaging, I would love to mention that I do not have a twitter account… Lastly thanks for all those birthday wishes and gifts.

It’s good to be 19. 🖼 by @svabayi 👨‍🎤”

We wish her all the best in the years to come and we hope she continues to shine and be humble.