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In Pics: Lady Zamar shows off her sexxy-toned legs

In Pics: Lady Zamar flashes her sexxy-toned legs. The star who is one of the most sorts after songbirds in Mzansi is serving body goals in the latest pictures. She posted pictures on her Instagram account that are causing chaos on the internet.

During her recent interview on Metro FM, the singer opened up about her future ventures, saying that she was working on switching up her look. Lady Zamar has been striding in the music industry since she first made her debut a couple of years ago, but as she continues to grow her brand, her image has made headlines on various occasions for the wrong reasons, and she’s open to change.

She is also a businesswoman plying her gained knowledge of the entertainment and fashion scene to develop her entertainment brand. Lady Zamar has become one of Mzansi’s hottest music sensations, but her road to stardom was filled with challenges, which includes overcoming the cultural confusion she experienced as a child.

“I don’t think that it’s something that people should concentrate too much on but I do promise to always look good this time around…” she said. We’ve always known Lady Zamar with dreadlocks. Well, she has just added a little twist to the dreadlocks and it’s quite amazing how the new look fits her. It’s still the dreadlocks but on a turned up a notch and it’s exquisite. Check the pictures below, you will love her to bits…

Lady Zamar

Baby, I don’t know how 💞 @africafashionhouse ❣️

Lady Zamar

Yhoooo the background…

Lady Zamar

That is a stance of a true Queen, amazing as always love you so much

Lady Zamar

Showing off some little flesh doesn’t hurt anyone…lol

Lady Zamar

That priceless smile…