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Cristiano Ronaldo walks out of the pitch during a game after his clear goal was denied: Video

Drama as Ronaldo walks out of the pitch during a game after his clear goal was denied. The World Cup qualifier in Serbia was poised at 2-2 and the game was in the final minute of stoppage time. Cue some Ronaldo heroics.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been robbed of an injury-time winner for Portugal after his shot appeared to cross the goal line – only for the goal not to be given.

The 36-year-old ran on to Nuno Mendes‘ pass and snuck a perfectly placed shot under the goalkeeper. As the ball rolled towards the goal, Stefan Mitrovic raced back and impressively hooked the ball away.

Watch the video below

But not – images seem to show – quite in time to stop the whole of the ball crossing the line first. However, without goalline technology in play, the officials gave the benefit of the doubt to the Serbian centre-back.

Ronaldo denied goal

Meaning Ronaldo had had what arguably should’ve been a superb late winner – giving his side a 3-2 away victory and three crucial points – snatched away.  The Portugal captain was booked for expressing his frustration at the decision, as he clearly believed he’d just scored his 103rd international goal.

Ronaldo, Serbia goal

Earlier in the game, Liverpool’s Diogo Jota had put the visitors into a 2-0 lead. But Serbia fought back through Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic and Filip Kostic. However they seemed to have been very lucky to escape with a point in the end, as Ronaldo’s stoppage-time shot should – it appears – has resulted in one final, decisive goal in the tie.

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