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SA must never be locked down again because of rising COVID numbers, says Gungubele

Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele said that there must never be another potential of locking down the country again because of rising COVID-19 numbers.

Gungubele has also admitted that not all political parties followed coronavirus safety protocols when they campaigned ahead of the municipal elections.

The minister was giving a briefing on Thursday following a recent cabinet meeting.

Gungubele said that COVID-19 infections were rising once again and he said that there was no other way out of the pandemic except through vaccinations.

He would not speculate on whether another harder lockdown was on the cards.

“Whenever the National Coronavirus Command Council meets, you take decisions consistent with that situation. And I want to repeat that, we wish there must never be a possibility of locking down this country again. We are still dealing with the damage of 2020,” he said.

He said that political parties did not follow COVID-19 protocols ahead of the 1 November polls.

“I just want also to acknowledge that not all our campaigns followed COVID-19 principles. There have been a number of disturbing instances,” the minister said.

Gungubele said that the Presidency would take its cue from the Health Department on whether restrictions needed to be reimposed over the festive season.


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