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COVID-19 infections expected to rise in Gauteng


The number of new COVID-19 infections are expected to rise in Gauteng as more people return from their holidays. The provincial government is yet to announce its readiness plan.

Healthcare workers have raised concerns about insufficient staffing, burnout, and their own safety.

Meanwhile, operators of COVID-19 testing facilities have shared some of their challenges. From a testing perspective, that’s a challenge not just in SA but worldwide,” said Lizeth Kruger, Dischem national clinic manager.

Covid-19 cases

“We have all the PPE but unfortunately, they [healthcare workers] do also get sick. The challenge is the volumes, especially at the peak. I would love to do more testing but the site cannot do the volumes,” she said.

“At a certain stage we must say sorry, that’s enough, we can’t help you. Then from a pathology perspective, they can only do so many tests a day and the results come through in 24 hours to 48 hours, sometimes five days.

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