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Papa Penny is fed up by the Corruption in Mzansi

Papa Penny Penny

Papa Penny along with Mzansi is fed up by the corruption in this country and the musician and reality TV star has singled individuals out. Stan Mathabatha must f**k off,” he said in a video posted by his fan.

The politician is infuriated by the alleged corruption that is happening in his home town Limpopo, following the 40 shacks that were unveiled by Limpopo premier Mathabatha. The R2.4 million shacks were built in the Grearer Tzaneen Local Municipality on Friday.

Papa Penny Penny

Papa Penny in the video also shouted at President Ramaphosa asking him to remove all corrupt politicians from the ruling party, that are not putting the people’s needs first.

“Look what is happening today in Limpopo. I told the people of Limpopo that the premier is out of order. How can people build shacks, Mathabatha, and his MEC,” he lashed out.

Papa Penny

The Papa Penny Ahee reality star also claims that the community did not see any advertisement of a R2.4 million tender, further asking what kind of corruption is this, “We’ve never seen any advertisement of any tender.

Papa Penny

Papa Penny also pointed out that he helped his community by handing out food parcels without any assistance from the government, further accusing the people in power of slurging on their girlfriends and family members.

“I gave more than 20 000 people food parcels without any tender, from the government. Why don’t we act like that?

“They have money for their girlfriends and families. President, remove Stan Mathabatha today and his MEC Basikopo Makamu. They must fo**ff. They must be deleted,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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