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Can you have S.e.x while the Coronavirus Spreading?


President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday announced the country will go into a 21-day shutdown on Thursday to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The number of people infected is now at more than 500 in Mzansi. Many South Africans are now in self-isolation and this means an opportunity to spend time with family. But it also could be very tempting to have s.e.x since there is isn’t much to do.

An expert has revealed that couples should actually avoid s.e.x during this time to eliminate the risks of catching or spreading the virus. Professor Paul Hunter advised that couples who don’t live together as well as those who live together need to avoid s.e.x as it increases the risks. He said people who have group s.e.x also need to abstain and stay at home.


“If you or your partner are self-isolating because one of you has symptoms (cough or fever) provided you live together then you do not necessarily need to give up s.e.x for the seven-day period recommended for individual cases to self-isolate.

However, if your partner is in one of the vulnerable groups because of age, pre-existing disease or she is pregnant, then you need to stay away from them as much as possible, and this would mean avoid s.e.x for the first seven days.” Professor Hunter told

“If your s.e.x life is rather more bohemian and you cannot get to have s.e.x without mixing with some/many other people, this mixing is advised against, so stay at home. This is especially important if you are in one of the at-risk groups.” he said

In other news – Kelly Khumalo supports Khaya Mthethwa’s belief that the coronavirus is not an act of God

Singer, Kelly Khumalo, agreed with Khaya Mthethwa’s Twitter post, which opposed the popular belief that a coronavirus is an act of God; this after people suggested that it was by quoting a Bible verse.

kelly khumalo and khaya mthethwa

On Tuesday, 24 March 2020, Kelly Khumalo clarified that she does not believe that a coronavirus is an act of God. Kelly commented on a post by fellow musician, Khaya Mthethwa, which rebutted the sentiments that many people have expressed by quoting Bible verses, particularly Chronicles 7:13. Kelly strongly agreed with Khaya’s post, noting that she had finally found someone she agrees with by posting a solidarity hand emoji. Read more

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