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Tips on how pregnant women can stay safe in Coronavirus period


Pregnant women need to stay safe from this deadly virus which has claimed the lives of thousands if not millions worldwide. As they seem to be more vulnerable to the virus, here are some healthy tips to adopt while pregnant in this period:

· Stay home and observe safety precautions

The first and most important thing is to stay at home. If your job permits you. If in case they are in essential services, it is important to maintain hand, face and respiratory hygiene, and ensure social distancing.

· Ensure proper nutrition and immunity

Eating healthy foods is more important now than ever. You need more protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid than you did before pregnancy. You also need more calories.

But “eating for two” doesn’t mean eating twice as much. Rather, it means that the foods you eat are the main source of nutrients for your baby.

Sensible, balanced meals combined with regular physical fitness is still the best recipe for good health during your pregnancy.

· Dealing with hormonal changes like mood swing

Pregnant women have hormones which go haywire at that particular period. It is hence important to stay away from confrontational situations, which may trigger anger or resentment.

Families must as well refrain from saying anything which could upset women who are expecting and avoid situations that might upset them.

· Pregnant women are more susceptible to viral infections

Pregnancy lowers the immunity, hence, there is quite a possibility that women who are expecting may be susceptible to other viral infections.

One has to be careful when you are pregnant because of the high susceptibility to several viruses, which is caused due to immunosuppression associated with pregnancy.

· What to do when diagnosed with COVID-19 symptoms

Notify the authorities and be admitted in isolation facility. COVID in pregnancy is a notifiable disease. It is important to get admitted in a COVID hospital till you recover. Usually, the disease is mild, and there is nothing much to worry.

When the mother is affected, the child also tends to get affected through the placenta. However, so far studies have shown the COVID does not affect the child when it is in the uterus. But after the delivery, there is a high possibility the baby may be affected through contact, so all necessary precautions must be taken.

Source: Daily Scoop

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