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Heatwave to continue into Friday

The heatwave currently blazing down on South Africa is set to continue into Friday, with the coastal areas set for much cooler weather and even some rain in some regions.


While Cape Town and George can expect a slightly warmer Friday, the interior of the province can expect to broil in the heat again as the mercury rises.

Cape Town can expect a sunny, cloudless day, with a high of 25°C. A light, northerly breeze will cool things down in the Mother City. George is facing similar conditions with a high of 23°C. Vredendal and Worcester will top the mercury at 34°C and 33°C respectively.


There will be some cloud cover across the province but residents can expect a hot day as the temperatures hit 30°C. Johannesburg will max out at 30°C, Pretoria will see a high of 32°C while Hammanskraal tops out at 33°C.


KZN gets a mixed bag for Friday with cooler weather and a bit of rain at the coast and much warmer weather further inland.

Durban will see rain and a high of 24°C while Richard’s Bay can expect an overcast 25°C. Newcastle can expect a sunny 32°C.


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Zandie Khumalo Gumede and Kelly khumalo

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