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Connie Ferguson Turns Heads With Flat Stomach

Connie Ferguson’s body is unbelievable to some of her followers. Over the years the actress has invested in her body by eating healthy and hitting the gym to workout. Connie’s consistency and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stunning body have some of her followers and even celebrities inspired.

Taking to Instagram on Friday she shared a photo of herself wearing a crop top which revealed her flat stomach and abs. Followers flooded the post with fire emojis as the 53-year-old turned heads.

Connie Ferguson

Source – Fakazanews

In Other News – Busta 929’s 16-year-old Girlfriend Paballo Noko Opens Up About Their Relationship

Busta 929 is reportedly dating a 16-year-old named Paballo Noko. The Amapiano producer whose real name is Mfana Thupa trends on social media as his alleged girlfriend opens up about their relationship. It is said that the two have been in a relationship since 2022.

Paballo Noko

However, the revelation about the relationship didn’t benefit 929 as he’s been dragged by social media users and labeled a pedophile. Learn more

More News – Dineo Ranaka’s Friend Leaks Video of Her Depression Medication

Radio host Dineo Ranaka topped trends when she opened up about her woes with depression on social media. The celebrated media personality revealed how depression had affected her well-being. In the backdrop of her posts, she repeatedly checked into a mental facility in Pretoria.

Dineo Ranaka

However, barely three days after admission, it was reported that she checked herself out after having a fallout with one of the workers at the mental facility. Learn more