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Connie Ferguson speaks on The Queen coming to an end

Mzansi businesswoman, producer, and actress Connie Ferguson – who plays Harriet in The Queen recently opened up about the telenovela’s ending in an interview with a local publication.

MultiChoice revealed in a statement that the popular show is coming to an end after 6 seasons and 6 years on TV in January 2023.

Connie says she was naturally devastated when she first heard the news and they’ve been extended with 125 episodes which means the final will be on 13 January 2023.

“I was sad when I heard the news, for many reasons. My family and I have been working together for so many years. We have over 100 employees who will need to start looking for work once The Queen is done. They really bonded. It comes with a lot of responsibility.”.

The mother of two adds that she was shocked when she first heard the news but is trusting the process.

“Everyone was shocked when they found out, looking at me for answers. The level of responsivity which lies on my shoulders is heavy, but I carry it with grace and hope that something will come through to keep everybody working. We’re a big team, my big heart doesn’t want to let go but God will come through with something. But I trust God.”

She plays the character of a drug lord and a villain known as Harriet Khoza who recently married Hector Sebata played by Rapulana Seiphemo.

The actors also played husband and wife Karabo Moroka and Tau Mogale in Generations over a decade ago.

“I won’t lie, going into that day, I was nervous. Even just preparing for it felt surreal because Sho and I had started planning our real 20th wedding year anniversary, which was supposed to be in 2021.”

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