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4 ways Coffee can help you for S.e.x



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Imagine chilling at a NESCAFE, dressed to kill waiting for the ever-late JACOBS to arrive. It’s the weekend and you’re feeling FRISCO and can’t wait to have a shot of RICOFFEE!

I’m a huge coffee fan and like any addict, the day hasn’t started without my shot of it.

And I love my coffee the way I love my women:

strong, hot, sweet, dark, and with a dash of milk to enhance the complexion.

Coffee plays a vital role in our lives, keeping us awake and getting us going throughout the day, acting as the anchor of our lives, including our s.e.x lives.

Experts say it plays an important role in s.e.x, so drink up and take note!

  • Increases women’s s.e.x drive

Researchers say coffee makes women horny by increasing blood flow to the genitals. Science also believes that women who drink caffeine at least once a week will have an active s.e.x drive.

  • Keeps the 4-5 working

Recent research found that men who drink two-three cups of coffee daily are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, to keep your rise like Kaizer Chiefs’, three cups a day will keep your 4-5 okay.

  • Reduces stress

Brewers and research agree that simply smelling coffee reduces your stress levels. One smell could make everything in the bedroom well.

  • Keeps your head in good shape

Besides giving your partner good head (oral s.e.x), coffee can also be good for your brain. Caffeine keeps you awake and alert while ensuring good mental health.

-Daily Sun

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