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Actor Gabriel Temudzani (Chief Azwindini) leaving Muvhango was reportedly a stunt to boost ratings

A local publication reports that actor Gabriel Temudzani’s exit was all a publicity stunt to boost ratings for the SABC2 soapie Muvhango.

This is after entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reported on Saturday, 20 May that popular Muvhango actor Gabriel Temudzani, who played Azwinidini Mukwevho for more than two decades has returned to show.

A source from Word of Mouth confirmed to City Press that the actor will be back on the show, but not as a ghost.

“It’s one of those publicity stunts. It’s not true (that he left). Yes, he’s back on set [shooting] as Azwindini. Remember, they didn’t find the body. He’s an integral part of the show; he’s too important to die.”

Chief Azwindini Mukwevho

“He wanted to leave and production had agreed but the channel refused, so production had no choice but to meet his demands with the pressure from the channel.”

The mole added that viewership numbers of the soapie had dropped dramatically since they fired MacDonald Ndou (who played KK) and Sydney Ramakuwela (who played Mulalo) and they couldn’t risk losing another prominent actor.

“Muvhango ARs [tv ratings] went from 4.5 million to under 1.5 million in a year. [It is not loadshedding] because is growing. They are hoping for improvement with the chief being back.”

The talented actor Muvhango Gabriel Temudzani told City Press to contact the soapie’s publicist, Kgomotso Ndwandwe, for more accurate information, when he was contacted.

Ndwandwe told the publication: “Gabriel has been in chats with the production, however, I cannot confirm the outcome of those conversations yet. The rumours could’ve been sparked by the major public outcry for his return, but if there is any update, we will definitely let you know.”

The actor confirmed his exit to TshisaLIVE in May this year and said that he’s ready to apply himself in other spaces.

Chief Azwindini

“It’s an emotional roller coaster. Muvhango has been my home for a long time and unfortunately, we are here. Parting ways has never been kind, but it is one of those [things] I guess. For now I’m going take time to press the reset button and move accordingly.”

“For now I’m going take time to press the reset button and move accordingly. There are a number of things lined up. Among others, there’s travelling, making more time for my children and continue watching Muvhango from a distance without me in it and watch how things unfold. The show will remain in my heart and it will dwell there for a long time and I will always embrace and make time for it.”

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